Saturday, September 7, 2013

Another post! Sweet!

Full disclosure: Bottomless mimosas at brunch today.
Dress: Old Navy Women's Belted Jersey Maxi Dress
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Vintage
Lipstick: NARS Cruella
I think we should all rejoice that I have managed to 1) put on clothes; 2) take a decent photo of me wearing them (after roughly 292872 non-decent photos); and B) am now uploading said photo of said clothes to the interwebal interface. Also, I didn't adjust the contrast in the photo. I am just that white.

So, this dress. I have high hopes for it. I got it the other day from Old Navy because I wanted a maxi dress that I could throw on after a hard day of wearing corsets n'stuff (my other hobby is reenactment) and not worry about whether or not I remembered to shave my legs in the last, oh, forever days.

The material is light, but not too light. I have some trepidation regarding the fact that previous Old Navy knit dresses have eventually abraded* after several washings, regardless of how careful I am, but for now, so far so good. It is 100% rayon, which, depending on the quality, could mean it survives being washed without pilling, or it will pill like a mofo after one washing. We shall see.

Despite it being a "petite" size, however, it is too long for me. I stand 4'11 barefoot, so this was hardly a surprise. I'll eventually hem it so I can wear it with flats, but today I wore it with 3" platform sandals and still had to worry about tripping on the hem if I wasn't careful. Also, I have the waist tucked up under the waist-tie a few inches, so if you're "petite" (as in, not really petite but according to the fashion industry, you're under 5'10") you should be fine. If you're Shorty McShortstack like I am, it's gonna be long.

Tonight: Tiki Party! Stay tuned for the clothing update in about 6 hours...

*Fancy word for "pill."

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